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Solidaritea with The Daily Mail

May 17, 2017

There was a fascinating article in The Daily Mail yesterday (When is there not?) an insightful assessment of the current trend amongst some bloggers who shine a light on the distasteful side of parenting.

Motherhood is a blessing, personally there is not an hour passes that I do not cherish my children, Yesterday I cherished them extra hard as they enjoyed a long day at the childminders.

These women who drink and swear and act in an unladylike fashion must not be made into heroines. We cannot have a nation of children raised by the kind of women who just go out and do their own thing regardless of what society thinks.

I worry what the future holds for a young minds raised on frozen convenience foods by mothers who are too busy starting successful businesses, writing best-selling books  and generally leading fulfilling lives whilst being supportive of other women! Madness! What sort of message is this? ‘Sometimes It’s OK to feed the people you love fish fingers if you are otherwise busy’ ?

I think not! #solidaritea my foot!

Even more laughable some factions have been blaming The Daily Mail for stirring up hatred against mothers! Laughable! The Daily Mail is a newspaper, it’s job is to cover the important stories of the day. This was clearly a key issue in the day’s news agenda, those books were all published months ago with the express aims of taking headlines that day. What else were the paper’s meant to be covering? The General Election? Some beardy man launching a leaked manifesto in Bradford?  Get real people.

In the interests of balance I have launched my own campaign ‘Stop Giving Me The Finger!’ is an attempt to stop this swell in sweary, slovenly success.

I have written to Birds Eye asking if them to remove Captain Birdseye from their packaging and replace him with warning stickers in the form of a gin sozzled mother in stained pyjamas lobbing fishy treats at her offspring.

T shirts and baby grows coming soon.

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